Postgraduate Establishment Rrequirements

Qualifications of postgraduate Creation
To create postgraduate studies in scientific departments, are required:

1- The actual need for specialization is based on the current and future needs of state administrations.
2- Availability of faculty members, technical assistants and technicians needed by postgraduate studies
3- Availability of postgraduate requirements such as means of modern sources of scientific research, periodicals          and laboratory equipment.
4- Allocate a financial budget for postgraduate studies to be created.

To create a higher diploma or master’s study requires to:

1- At least five faculty members have the grade of professor or assistant professor who specialized in graduate            studies and supervise theses.
2- To start teaching in postgraduate studies for the higher diploma and master’s degrees, it is required to have the      scientific requirements for its creation, and the number of at least two students for master’s studies and three        students for higher diploma studies.
To create a doctoral study, the following requires to:

1- Availability of at least two faculty members with the rank of professor and five teaching assistants with the rank      of an assistant professor specializing in graduate studies and the supervision of university theses.
2- Starting teaching in a doctoral study in any specialization that requires the availability of scientific requirements      for its establishment, and that the relevant department has graduated at least two classes of master's students      in this specialization.

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