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A ministerial team inspects a presence exams for postgraduate studies

A ministerial team inspected the mid-year examinations for graduate students at the University of Technology, accompanied by the Director of the Graduate Studies Department, Professor Dr. Khawla Salih Khashan. During the tour, exams were inspected in some departments of the university. The ministerial team was briefed on the procedures and plans in place during the examinations, as all the examination requirements were provided and according to the Crisis Cell directives during the exams to limit the spread of the Corona epidemic. At the end of the tour, the ministerial team expressed its happiness and gratitude for the organization and the distinguished performance by the University of Technology in providing all the exam requirements and paying attention to students in the dormitory housing.



The University of Technology begins the first semester examinations for postgraduate students in the presence of the academic year 2021-2022.


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