Brief : The Academic Skills Development Program for Postgraduate Students is the first program in the Iraqi universities. The program aims to develop the academic skills of graduate students represented in the following points: 1- Expanding the research perceptions of postgraduate students. 2-Increasing the skills of graduate students in finding appropriate solutions to research problems. 3- Benefiting from the professors ’experiences in the field of scientific research, preparing and writing dissertations, choosing the appropriate journal for publication, the method of arranging the references, the method of presenting scientific results ... etc. 4- Getting free courses in the most outstanding engineering programs used worldwide in solving research problems. 5- How to organize time required to complete the research with high efficiency. 6- Workshops on specialized topics needed by the student during the research process. These lectures and workshops contribute to enhancing the students' level during the research period. As a result of the current situation, some lectures were approved virtual and others in attendance. As a master's student needs to complete this program 30 units within one year, while a doctoral student needs to complete 60 units within two years. Units are calculated by two units for every hour of the lecture that the student attends, provided that he finishes all the hours of the lecture in which he participated. At the end of the workshops, the Department of Graduate Studies at the University of Technology provides the student with certificates of participation in the workshops, and the certificates are attached to the thesis.

Designers : Associate programmer Youssef Samir Abdel Amir

Implementing agency : Department of Postgraduate Studies

Release date : 2021

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1st semester development skills

2nd semester development skills

Brief :Brief: A study permit is awarded to employees in various ministries for the purpose of studying and obtaining the required certificate in accordance with specific plans by each ministry or entity according to its need of study seats for masters and doctorate in the specializations available inside Iraq. If the study permit is awarded according to instructions No. 165 of 2011 and Law 20 of 2020. The system of study permits at the University of Technology is independent of the rest of the Iraqi universities since 2018, based on the ministerial order on the independence for the University of Technology, as the seats are floated at the university specializations and the employee can apply On any seat and in accordance with the scientific background of the required study

Designers : Programmer Muhammad Thamer

Implementing agency: : Department of Postgraduate Studies

Release date : 2021

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Brief : Students who wish to complete their studies after a bachelor's degree apply for postgraduate studies. The applicant studies for a higher diploma, then a master's, and then a doctorate. The applicant may be satisfied with obtaining only one of the higher certificates. The duration of the study ranges from one year for a diploma study, two years for a master's study and three years for a doctoral study. The study years include two stages, one of which is preparatory and the other is research, after which the graduates are able to provide consultations and scientific and technical services to the state departments. The system of application and admission to the University of Technology has been an independent system since 2018, based on the ministerial order on the independence of the University of Technology

Designers :Senior programmer Shahd Sabbar /Information Technology Center

Update : Programmer Muhammad Thamer

Implementing agency : Department of Postgraduate Studies

Release date: : 2018

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