The Department of Mechanical Engineering is considered a foundational department at the University of Technology. Its beginnings were in the year 1960 with the establishment of the Higher Industrial Institute, represented by the specialization of Mechanics and Cars. Upon the founding of the College of Technological Engineering in 1967, the Department of Machinery and Equipment Engineering was established in the branches of General Mechanics and the Branch of Automotive Engineering. Known as mechanical engineering since 2015, the department now consists of five scientific branches: the general mechanical engineering department, the automotive engineering department, the aircraft engineering department, the air conditioning and freezing engineering department, and the power station mechanical engineering department. The department awards a master's degree in mechanical engineering in the specializations of applied mechanics, Thermal Power, air conditioning, and freezing. He also awards a doctorate in mechanical engineering in the fields of applied mechanics and refractories.


Postgraduate Programs at the University of Technology for the academic year 2021-2022

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